The Rev. Randy P. orso
of Greentown Abbey
Our President and Moderator:

Rev. Randy Philip Edward Orso D.D. (Hon.) was ordained by  the Universal Life Church (Modesto), the Universal Life Church Monastery (Seattle), and co-ordained in the American Marriage Ministries (Seattle). He holds a BA cum laude et honestate (with praise and in an honors program) from Saint Michael's College, Vermont, a Catholic 4 year college. During his college years he was active as a chaplain for the College Republicans of his college, the first openly gay College Republican Chaplain in Vermont.  He was the first web designer for the Ally Group at Saint Michael's College, the Gay-Straight Alliance there.  He also was twice a delegate to the Vermont Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Rutland, Vermont.  He also was a retreat leader for fellow college students as well as Maine youth groups, and Vermont Catholic Scouts.  He taught Sunday school, assisted converts to learn more about Christianity and was active in Bible Studies and fellowship programs.  He also was given an honorary doctorate by the Rev. Kirby Hensley's wife Lida G. Hensley, the then President of the Universal Life Church at the Modesto Headquarters.


Rev. Orso has worked in ministry with day treatment facilities for people with mental illness, LGBTI rights work, and Ugandan Human Rights issues.  Rev. Orso has worked in Marketing, Mental Health, Security, Educational Software, Technology, Non-Profits and Youth Advocacy.  He was 1999 Academic Convocation Speaker for Technology at Atlantic Union College.  He attended MIT's Race in Digital Space Conference and was supervising an award winning digital divide center.  Rev. Orso has signed petitions and letters for marriage equality in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania as well as nationwide.  Currently Rev. Orso is an adviser to two non-profits in Uganda as part of a fellowship with activists there.   He remains devoted to his parents and his community, having successfully advocated for the zoning of adult businesses away from his neighborhood and speaking out against the crime associated with such places.  


In 2010 Rev. Orso was in a car crash caused by a truck driving in the Poconos in a road rage incident.   Since that time, Rev. Orso has been permanently disabled and is no longer officiating weddings and no longer is engaged in active ministry.  Although currently retired, Rev. Orso still speaks out on issues of social justice.


The Rev. Orso attended a prayer breakfast in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with clergy from the Lehigh Valley who support the Fairness Act in the Pennsylvania Legislature which would add protections for LGBT people to the Human Relations Act further protecting LGBT people from workplace, housing and publc accommodation discrimination. Rev. Orso spoke with members of the Monroe County Clergy Association about the Fairness Act and has recently joined the Poconos Interfaith LGBT Alliance. He attended the Transgender Day of Rememberance service at Zion United Church of Christ in Stroudsburg, PA.  Randy attended the "Faith: A Conversation" with the NEPA Rainbow Alliance, a group for which he has raised funds for by doing charity tarot readings at PrideFest in  the park in years past.  Rev. Orso and his Father attended in Scranton, PA at St. Luke's Episcopal Church a candlelight vigil in memoriam for  those murdered in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Massacre.   


The Rev. Orso has been taking pieces of training in Mental Health First Aid in Monroe County, Question, Persuade, Refer, Suicide Prevention Training in Wayne County, and Trauma-Informed Care in Wilkes-Barre.  This is a great opportunity for me to increase my knowledge and advocacy on Mental Health.


For Recovery Month, Rev. Orso spoke to the Wayne County Commissioners Office and the Quality Council about his volunteerism with recovery focused advocacy.  He also spoke at the Suicide Prevention Walk at the Wallenpaupack Regional High School.  Rev. Orso worked  in therecent past as a  part-time as a warmline mentor.  He has since decided to dedicate and split his time between his aged parents and activism.  


For his birthday in 2018, Rev. Orso raised 200 dollars for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI Plymouth, MA non-profit.

In 2018, Rev. Orso was the site coordinator for an Australian Minister, the then Rev. Comrade Shelly Frances Kershaw's ( now Rev Comrade Rowley+ )Transformative Pastoral Practices learning agreement.  Meetings were held via video conferencing and email.

Rev. Orso sits as a member of the advisory committee of the local mental health department.  He completed the Opioid Crisis MOOC at University of Michigan and Coursera Online. He hopes to be better informed on ways to prevent opiate addiction in his community.  He has taken a Positive Psychology MOOC with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Coursera in order to better help his peer support and mental health advocacy skills.  He is studying Buddhism, Taoism, and Neo Confucianism with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Coursera..  Also he has been focusing on meditation and mindfulness.  

Universal Life Church Monastery LGBTI Clergy Association




Many have been ordained by the Universal Life Church and our clergy association seeks to support those Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, or Straight Ally clergy members who wish to operate a welcoming and affirming. accepting, ministry.  We have members who are clergy, lay leaders, journalists, authors, artists, activists, retirees, disabled, and more from all walks of life.  The mission of our clergy association is to support each other in our common work, to be a blessing to those around us and to inform the world of the rainbow covenant God has made with all humanity. The association's strength is our diversity and our beliefs many, but our actions are united in a common goal of peace, justice and equality. We have a special fellowship with our members from Uganda. 

The Universal Life ChurcH



The Universal Life Church believes that each person must decide for him or herself that which is right, and to do that which is right only.  Our motto is We are One.  We are made up of many different denominational backgrounds, many describe us as non-denomination and interfaith.  Our founder. Rev. Kirby Hensley was an illiterate preacher from the Holiness tradition, his biography the Modesto Messiah, might give you insight into his charismatic leadership and activism.  The Universal Life Church is known for offering ordination to those who seek it in good faith.