Easy Hiking

Rev. Orso enjoyed hiking prior to his 2010 car crash and has returned to easy hiking with the aid of his home health aide, who has a Bachelor's Degree in Physician Education.  

Here Rev. Orso will share his hiking photos and some suggestions for easier hiking for those with mobility issues.  

Rev. Orso's hiking cane was made by Lean on Me Project Canes and was donated to him.  It is a wonderful charity and the carver, Richard Naugle is very talented with wilderness style canes.  This cane has great bear carvings on it.

Philip Orso, Rev. Orso's Father, is a Physical Education Bachelor of Science, and the home health aide to his son. Mr. Orso and Rev. Orso went on a leisurely walk on a handicapped accessible boardwalk at Dingmans Falls in the Delaware National Recreation Area in the Poconos.  This photograph is of Dingmans Falls and the two of them.


Dingmans Falls

Mr. Orso is an Elder in the clergy association and is Rev. Orso's right-hand man when it comes to assistance.  

Holley Ross Pottery's creekside park

Holley Ross Pottery has great deals on Fiesta Dinnerware and Polish Pottery and also an enviable little picnic area and woodland creekside park.  It makes for easy hiking and is a lot of fun.  Though not handicapped accessible throughout the trail, the store is accessible and the area is lovely for those regaining their ability to walk.  I used this area for light walking and the benches throughout really helped me.