American Marriage Ministers of Pennsylvania


We are an organization of American Marriage Ministries ordained ministers who are joined together for advocating for the rights of marriage ministers to officiate when chosen by the couple seeking solemnizing of

their wedding vows.   

Rev. Randy P. Orso is an ordained minister of the American Marriage Ministries, and was ordainded July 4th, 2014 to celebrate the marriage equality ruling in Pennsylvania. After volunteering with Equality Pennsylvania, and Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania and seeking marriage equality, Rev. Orso was certain that he wanted to be able to officiate weddings, if a couple was so inclined to have him officiate at their nuptuals.  It was through the American Marriage Ministries that he was ordained to be a wedding minister for the LGBTQI community here in Pennsylvania, a community with which he has close ties.  


"American Marriage Ministries is a non-denominational, interfaith Church. Our mission is to ensure that all people have the right to perform the spiritual act of marriage. We ordain those of all religious beliefs and philosophies that agree to our three core tenets:


All people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, have the right to marry.


It is the right of every couple to choose who will solemnize their marriage.


All people have the right to solemnize marriage."