Since his college days in Vermont, American Art has held a special place in his heart.  He took the first Honors Course of "American Art" with the then newest Professor on campus, Prof. Dr. Amy Werbel (now at the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC or FIT for short).  

After graduating the Rev. Orso visited Pittsburgh and the Andy Warhol Museum with two former co-workers.  He even won a hot wing eating contest at the local "Bubba Ugly's Bar and Grille" near the Museum and the Pirate's Baseball PNC Park.  This was a wonderful trip.  

In his study of Warhol, Rev. Orso took a Warhol MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with the University of Edinburgh and Coursera's, Dr. Glyn Davis and expert on Film and Warhol.  He earned a Statement of Accomplishment and a 93% grade. (scroll to bottom of this page)

Later when Wilkes University's Sordoni Gallery had an exhibit of Warhol's works, Deacon Philip E. Orso (Randy's Father) and Rev. Randy P. Orso went and enjoyed the experience.

Rev. Orso is now reading Blake Gopnik's 900 page "Warhol" Biography.

Rev. Orso looks forward to a time when the Maslow Collection can be shown again for a longer period uninterrupted by COVID-19 at the

Everhart Museum in Scranton. He is grateful to the museum for their presentation online of a guided tour through the exhibit with the curator of the Maslow Collection and the Q&As session.  

Study of Andy Warhol