Chinese Religious Freedom Advocacy

Beginning by reading a New York Times article about the persecution of the Kaifeng, China Jewish Community, Rev. Randy P. Orso researched and advocated with Sen. Pat Toomey and Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania for Religious Freedom Diplomacy to Mainland China.  This was something important to speak out against as a ethnic and religious minority, the Kaifeng Jews are among the oldest Jewish communities in Mainland China and have a rich heritage of unique ways.  

Because of Rev. Orso's close ties to the Pentecostal churches of East Africa, in his study of "Structuring Value in Modern China" he was pleased to learn of the Pentecostals of the Chinese Christian churches.  Given a chance to advocate for their religious freedom and appreciate their indigenous Chinese culture, Rev. Orso found new meaning in the civil courage of the founders of various independent Chinese churches.  

Rev. Orso's advocacy extends to Daoists, Buddhists, Muslims, and others in Modern China both Mainland China and Taiwan.  This is due to his understanding of humanity as a call to charity and justice, and his understanding of the social gospel of Christianity as well as the Chinese tradition of charity and good works.  Uyghur Cultural Genocide is of grave concern.

Rev. Orso is always writing his elected officials on issues of human rights related to religious practices in China and wants to remain in dialogue and study with scholars and faith leaders, both lay and clerical on these matters.

Rev. Orso has earned certificates in Chinese religious studies courses at both Nanjing University in "The Jewish Diaspora in Modern China", and from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in "Structuring Values in Modern China".  He is committed to learning more and advocating more strongly from an informed position.

Recently, the Rev. Orso has begun to study online with a Russian research university and Coursera, "Religions and Society in China". 

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