We offer prayer, privately, publicly, online and in person with those we meet, each member speaks with God from their own experience and traditions, we make no rubrics on how one prays and with what words one uses to call on the Divine.

elders / seniors


We are informed by the experiences of our elders and we value their mentorship of the younger generations.  Our seniors are active members of our activism, they bring history and know-how making us a knowledge base for many issues and situations.

sunday school


We suggest educational enrichment opportunities of spiritual and religious benefit to our members through our online facebook and twitter outreach, using videos, blogs, podcasts and links and articles from a number of sources in and outside of the Universal Life Church movement, we bring a non-denominational and interfaith perspective to religious education.  



We do not proselytize to youth.  We believe religious education of children is best done by parents and we do advocate for causes such as Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools, LGBTI awareness for those prosecuting and adjudicating LGBTI youth. Child abuse mandated sentencing and a host of other issues related to children's advocacy. 



We have members who share their musical talents with us via videos and MP3s, we share songs and hymns which inspire us via Spotify and other platforms, we sing our praises alone and together.  We find meaning in lyrics and sound.  We sing praise, laments and joy.  

community service


We encourage community service in many ways, suggesting donations to worthy causes with minimal overhead and good budgeting strategies and urgent issue related matters.  We invite you to highlight your works and need for help and volunteers on our forum and we respond as we can.  The Universal Life Church community gives of itself serving as a priesthood of all believers and a ministry which makes oneself small to server a greater need.